Southern Minnesota Weddings

Why would you want to be a wedding photographer in heat like this?

         It is so hot outside today, I mean it is strip off your clothes and jump in the pool hot, who wants to be outside and get married in this weather? It is so worth it though. It reminds me of this wonderful wedding last fall, I was tucked away in a deer stand with my camera capturing the wedding from the perfect vantage point, odd yes but I will do anything for the right photo and it was fry an egg on a rock hot outside. I was dripping sweat and I think i drank 10 bottles of water in first few hours.  Did I mention this was a fall wedding? The mighty Minnesota is full of surprises, plan all you want it will rain, snow, sleet, heat and beat you up so be prepared to enjoy your day no matter what life brings you.

         Minnesota is the perfect place to get married because you never know what you are going to get, all the planning in the world can’t compete with the mighty Minnesota.  That is what I love about being a wedding photographer here, everyday is a new day, every wedding brings new obstacles and new reasons to be a wedding photographer.



I want to be your wedding photographer!

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